Honda S2000 Jewel Headlights V2

Honda S2000 Jewel Headlights V2



Turn Signal

Demon eyes

Lens Etching


Add-ons total:




Custom Built to order. Build time is 5-10 weeks!


  • Brand new Headlights included
  • plug and play



Demon Eyes

Demon Eyes is the Ability to make the jewels change colors. its  controlled using your smart phone and downloading an app. you can select any single color or over 200 different patterns.

You can add demon eyes to the projector as well as in the led Strip


etched Lenses 

Turn Signal Options 

Turn Signal  Will be placed on bottom of the headlight and you Will have to Tap into your turn signal wires to make it functional

Option 1: standard switchback blinking led strip

option 2: sequential led. Which means it will flow from one side to the other.

Extra Options:

V2 Jewels Come in all black besides the led strip holder which is silver. If you would like a custom color like the gray ones send us an email at [email protected] before placing order



Jewel Eye Condensation

Due to how much of the rear housing has to be cut out to fit jewel eye projectors the original seal of the headlights is compromised. We use adhesive silicone to seal up  the rear housing after cutting it out to make clearance for the jewel projector. We have been doing this method for a very long time and have had good results. If your headlights are fogging internally, this is simply the sealant not being completely cured (dry) yet. Avoid any rain for at least 2 weeks with exposure to heat outside, and any signs of fogging inside should be gone by then. Jewel Eye headlights require heavy modification to the rear housing and may develop condensation under heavy rainfall or to a high humidity outside environment. This is unavoidable and we will not accept any warranty repairs for these issues.

Jewel Eye Adjustment

Some of our Jewel Eye headlights retain factory adjustment. Use the factory adjustment sprocket on the rear of the headlight to raise or lower the lights. Jewel Eye headlights have very tight fitment tolerances in the housings they are retrofitted in, adjustment range will be limited when compared to the stock housings. Do not overspin the adjustments, you will strip out the threads or drop the entire assembly entirely. The lights will have to be repaired at your cost.

If you have a static-fit type build, shimming the headlights may be required to obtain proper beam height level, it may take some tinkering to get where you want. Using washers, the headlight can be angled up or down to compensate for any alignment issues. Cutting larger holes on the mounting points of the plastic headlight housing itself can also help to get the lights lined up. On models that we offer that are of static-fitment, it is specifically stated on the product page that the headlights will require fitting/modification for proper beam level, due to the angle of the Acura jewel projectors it is very difficult to get a good output so we recommend these for off road use only. Jewel Headlights are Mainly for show Vehicles as the output is not great on them. If you would like something more functional check out our Projector Retrofits.

Jewel Eye Cosmetics

We use used oem Acura jewel projectors for all the jewel retrofits. Some cosmetic blemishes and/or signs of use are to be expected on the jewel eyes. We try our best to pick out the best possible projectors possible since brand new ones are out of the question because brand new oem lights are about $2000 a piece. 



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