Honda S2000 Ap1 Clear Taillight Diffusers

Honda S2000 Ap1 Clear Taillight Diffusers



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Proffesional installation required. Once lenses are on, you must seal the taillight with heat gun only. No oven. some heat gun may be needed on the side pieces in order to have it sitting flush


  1. If you are Just buying the lenses Select $10.00 shipping
  2. If you are sending in taillights and we have to ship back Select $50.00 shipping
  • Must get red and amber led bulbs
  • DIY tail Light Diffusers
  • must open tail light up to intall
  • kit comes with 4 diffusers. 2 side ones and 2 middle ones

Will ship in 2-3 weeks

For Off-road Use only 


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